Skill development amongst students is imperative now a days as it not only makes them noticeable amongst crowd but also compliments to success in today’s competitive scenario. Unfortunately, this aspect is getting neglected in today’s education system. SAPS with trained and experienced teaching faculties organises various skill development programs. These are scheduled on Sundays or in Summer Vacations so that students do not get overburdened.


Abacus education is a brain development program that unleashes the unlimited power of Human Brain. It is a brain training exercise that develops both right and left part of the brain. This program is based on scientifically proved techniques that develop and improve...

Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics is a System of Mathematics propounded in Ancient Times Based on 16 Basic Sutras. Vedic Maths Education assits students in achieving great deal of success in thier career path.

Handwriting Improvement

Handwriting is the Mirror Image of one's Personality. Committed to student's all-round development, SAPS undertakes Handwriting Improvement program. It is a 30 hours compact result - oriented program delivered by professionally trained teachers.

Other Programs

  • English Speaking Course
  • Personality Development Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Workshops & Seminars by Experts



Schedule: All the Skill Development Programs are scheduled on Weekends during School Days and Regularly in Summer Vacation